Let 'er go, boys!

Michael Cleveland

Label:Rounder 11661 0561 2
Release Date:2006-03-28
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2006-10
County Sales:#278
   Amazon ASIN: B000F6ZIBU
   Google Play: Bjimmtbbfpxty26auidgcsjvige

Song Information:

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1. The old Brown County barn2:43
2. Night2:45
3. Bright and early3:49
4. Old man and his fiddle4:40
5. Durham's reel1:45
6. Montana cowboy2:38
7. Dark as the night, blue as the day3:49
8. Sugar in the gourd2:33
9. Stone's rag2:43
10. Hello city limits3:11
11. Hopelessly in love4:15
12. The old mountaineer4:28
13. Flower blooming in the wildwood3:14
14. Old Joe1:59
15. Sugar tree stomp3:33
16. Miller's cave3:01
17. Cacklin' hen3:01