Totally bluegrass

Various artists

Label:CMH 7202
Release Date:2006-04-04
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000EQ60MC

Song Information:

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1. Rocky TopOsborne Brothers
2. Over the rainbowDon Reno & Arthur Smith 2:22
Recording Date:1979
Composer:E. Y. Harburg-H. Arlen
Place:Arthur Smith Studios, Charlotte, NC
Instruments:Arthur Smith-lead g; Don Reno-bj; Clay Smith-rhythm g; David Floyd-bs; Paul Collier-drums
3. Rider in the rainJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
4. Bile 'em cabbage downHeights of Grass
5. Midnight flyerMac Wiseman & the Osborne Brothers
6. The house of the rising sunMac Wiseman
7. The ballad of Jed ClampettLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
8. Shackles and chainsMac Wiseman & the Osborne Brothers
9. Roll in my sweet baby's armsLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
10. White heatMerle Travis
11. Orange Blossom SpecialOsborne Brothers
12. Dark hollowMac Wiseman
13. Sittin' on top of the worldPinnacle Boys
14. Dim lights, thick smoke (and loud, loud music)Benny Martin & Bobby Osborne
15. Black mountain ragEddie Adcock
16. White house bluesMerle Travis & Joe Maphis
17. ParadiseJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
18. Wabash CannonballBenny Martin
19. I'll fly awayOsborne Brothers
20. Will the circle be unbrokenLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass