Born of the spirit

The Lewis Family

Label:Starday SD 0953-2
Release Date:2003
Country:United States
County Sales:#275

Song Information:

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A-1. Carry on
A-2. Over in the Gloryland
A-3. He knew just what to do
A-4. Got to cross Jordan
A-5. Just one rose will do
A-6. You've got a chance
A-7. Did you do what the Lord said to do
A-8. Wait a little longer
A-9. Lights in the valley
A-10. He's the only one
A-11. You can't do wrong
A-12. Where there's a will
A-13. A voice from Heaven
A-14. The old Gospel ship
A-15. Born of the spirit
A-16. I'm not alone
A-17. I do believe
A-18. I shall not be moved
A-19. To get my reward
A-20. Sunshine land
A-21. At the end of my journey
A-22. Over yonder by the sea
B-1. My closest kin
B-2. Hide you in the blood
B-3. Jesus is my king
B-4. Help me understand
B-5. Just one rose will do
B-6. I see Jesus
B-7. He's a shelter
B-8. I know God (will take care of me)
B-9. Grand homecoming
B-10. Spread sunshine
B-11. Out in the country
B-12. Talking with death
B-13. Stay on top with Jesus
B-14. Are you ready for Heaven
B-15. Somebody loves me
B-16. Dwelling in Beulah land
B-17. The heavenly plan
B-18. World's greatest story
B-19. Are you ashamed
B-20. Some sweet happy day
B-21. Child of the King
B-22. Matthew 24
B-23. Wings of a dove
B-24. In Heaven