Singing with the angels

Charlie Sizemore Band

Label:Rutabaga RR 3017
Release Date:1989
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. The church by the road3:39
Composer:Charlie Sizemore
A-2. I pressed through the crowd2:08
Composer:Joe Isaacs
A-3. Time for me to go home3:41
Composer:Charlie Sizemore
A-4. Singing with the angels1:49
Composer:Paul Neal Allen
A-5. Camping in Canaan's land2:02
A-6. When the redeemed are gathering in1:41
B-1. Seek Jesus, He still may be found1:39
B-2. Leaning on the everlasting arm2:19
B-3. We shall rise1:46
B-4. It'll matter but little2:18
Composer:J. Morris
B-5. Old country church2:16
B-6. The prettiest flowers2:08