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Mac Wiseman

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 312
Release Date:2006-07-18
Country:United States

Song Information:

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25. The waltz you saved for me2:20
24. The black sheep3:00
23. Turkey in the straw1:07
22. Little Mohee2:54
21. Wreck of the old 971:55
20. When they ring those golden bells1:35
19. I saw your face in the moon1:43
18. Mary of the wild moor2:32
17. Just over in glory land1:52
16. I'll be all smiles tonight2:44
15. Sourwood mountain1:12
14. Tramp on the street4:18
13. Midnight Special1:53
12. Corina, Corina1:33
11. Little Blossom2:50
10. Grandfather's clock2:07
9. Wreck of old #92:53
8. More pretty girls than one2:20
7. How many biscuits can you eat1:37
6. Precious memories4:01
5. The Georgia mail1:55
4. Picture from life's other side5:27
3. Little pal2:37
2. Sittin' on top of the world2:26
1. Rovin' gambler1:48