Folk festival

Stanley Brothers

Label:Stanley Tone ST-CD 5003
Release Date:2001
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-19. Cumberland Gap
B-18. Shouting on the hills of glory
B-17. Single girl, married girl
B-16. I'm a man of constant sorrow
B-15. Sharecropper's son
B-14. Don't go out tonight
B-13. When you and I were young, Maggie
B-12. Cacklin' hen
B-11. How mountain girls can love
B-10. Rabbit in a log
B-9. How far to Little Rock
B-8. Little birdie
B-7. Wicked path of sin
B-6. Angel band
B-5. Dream of a miner's child
B-4. Big Tilda
B-3. East Virginia blues
B-2. Long journey home
B-1. Sally Goodin'
A-25. Come all you tenderhearted4:11
A-24. I'm a man of constant sorrow2:56
A-23. Nine pound hammer2:22
A-22. Chicken reel3:06
A-21. Johnson had an old gray mule2:03
A-20. Comedy with Chick Stripling2:13
A-19. The story of the Lawson Family3:09
A-18. Jenny Lynn1:05
A-17. Cumberland Gap1:37
A-16. Jack and May3:13
A-15. Wreck of the old 972:13
A-14. Black Mountain blues2:53
A-13. Turkey in the straw0:52
A-12. Old Joe Clark0:27
A-11. How far to Little Rock2:42
A-10. Rank strangers3:56
A-9. Chicken reel3:19
A-8. Comedy with Chick Striping7:05
A-7. Sunny side of the mountain2:37
A-6. The window up above2:53
A-5. Gonna paint the town3:37
A-4. Cripple Creek0:49
A-3. I know what it means to be lonesome3:13
A-2. Orange Blossom Special3:19
A-1. Old Joe Clark0:54