Early days of bluegrass. Vol. 8

Church Brothers

Label:Rounder 1020
Release Date:1981
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1982-04

Song Information:

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A-1. Broken vows and a broken heart2:22
A-2. Darling brown eyes2:54
A-3. No one to love me2:46
A-4. When Jesus calls you home2:39
A-5. Some else is loving you2:38
A-6. A sweeter love than yours I'll never know2:46
A-7. A angel with blue eyes2:42
B-1. You're still the rose of my heart2:29
B-2. Roll in my sweet baby's arms2:33
B-3. Blue Ridge special2:37
B-4. I'm lonely for you2:23
B-5. Beneath the North Carolina moon2:45
B-6. We'll meet up there2:16
B-7. Way down in old Caroline2:16
B-8. I know my name will be called up there2:50