Vintage recordings, 1948-1956

Mayfield Brothers

Label:Patuxent CD 136
Release Date:2006
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2007-07
County Sales:#283

Song Information:

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21. I have found the way
20. Where could I go but to the Lord
19. Black Mountain rag
18. Holiday for love
17. Bill Cheatham
16. Sawing on the strings
15. Pardon my whiskers while I kiss you goodnight
14. Just a little talk with Jesus
13. Rocky Mountain goat
12. On and on
11. High plains breakdown
10. My one and only
9. Lonely heart blues
8. Mother was called away
7. The old hometown
6. Cotton eyed Joe
5. Poison love
4. When you go, don't write to me
3. Midnight ramble
2. Arizona moon
1. I'm knockin' on your door