The acoustic collection, 1999-2002

Dolly Parton

Label:Sugar Hill SUG-CD 4008
Release Date:2006-10-10
Country:United States
Barcode:015891400822 ID: 5309240
   Amazon ASIN: B000HKDE92

Song Information:

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A-1. Travelin' prayer4:15
A-2. Cash on the barrelhead3:07
A-3. A few old memories4:01
A-4. I'm gonna sleep with one eye open3:04
A-5. Steady as the rain3:04
A-6. I still miss someone3:37
A-7. Endless stream of tears2:39
A-8. Silver dagger4:54
A-9. Train, train2:49
A-10. I wonder where you are tonight3:13
A-11. Will He be waiting for me3:25
A-12. The grass is blue3:43
A-13. I am ready2:44
B-1. Little sparrow4:13
B-2. Shine5:11
B-3. I don't believe you've met my baby3:02
B-4. My blue tears3:03
B-5. Seven Bridges Road3:29
B-6. Bluer pastures4:10
B-7. A tender lie3:44
B-8. I get a kick out of you2:30
B-9. Mountain angel6:51
B-10. Marry me3:17
B-11. Down from Dover5:09
B-12. The beautiful lie2:34
B-13. In the sweet by and by3:50
B-14. Little sparrow reprise1:37
C-1. Halos and horns3:33
C-2. Sugar Hill2:50
C-3. Not for me3:20
C-4. Hello God2:59
C-5. If3:19
C-6. Shattered image3:29
C-7. These old bones5:37
C-8. What a heartache4:17
C-9. I'm gone5:07
C-10. Raven dove3:35
C-11. Dagger through the heart3:52
C-12. If only3:40
C-13. John Daniel5:03
C-14. Stairway to Heaven6:31