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Gone South

Label:Unknown ?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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13. Muleskinner blues
Composer:Jimmie Rodgers-George Vaughn
12. Midnight rider
Composer:Greg Allman-Robert Kim Payne
11. Old flames (can't hold a candle to you)
Composer:Hugh Moffatt-Pete Sebert
10. Ghost riders in the sky
Composer:Stan Jones
9. Wait a minute
Composer:Herb Pedersen
8. Take me back
Composer:Charles A. Clark
7. Jambalaya
Composer:Hank Williams
6. Blue
Composer:Bill Mack
5. Next stop
Composer:Charles A. Clark
4. If I just knew what to say
Composer:Arnold Stewart Wright
3. Gone south
Composer:Charles A. Clark
2. Daddy play the fiddle with me
Composer:Charlotte Albright
1. Bluegrass beat
Composer:Wayne Walker