MSBA Association bands. Vol. 1

Various artists

Label:Magnolia State Bluegrass Association No #
Release Date:2005
Country:United States

Song Information:

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14. Fare thee wellGrants Ferry Band
13. He's my guideFoxfire Bluegrass Band
12. Wheel hossSouthern Blend
11. If you don't love your neighborSouthbound Bluegrass
10. Homesick bluesMagnolia Bluegrass
9. Letters in redJim Hogg
8. Lonesome road bluesMagnolia Bluegrass
7. Get down on your knees and prayLarry Wallace Band
6. Smokey Mountain smokeSouthbound Bluegrass
5. Came out of the wildernessJim Hogg
4. Cumberland GapLarry Wallace Band
3. Come on downFoxfire Bluegrass Band
2. Somehow tonightSouthern Blend
1. Roads of melting tarGrants Ferry Band
Composer:Sharp; ASCAP