Greatest hits Nashville fiddles : best seller

Nashville Fiddles

Label:Gusto GT 0372-2
Release Date:2005-09-19
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000BFNZF6

Song Information:

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1. Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms2:55
2. When Johnny comes marching home1:58
3. Down in the valley2:42
4. I won't have to cross Jordan alone2:58
5. Picture turned toward the wall3:48
6. Star spangled banner2:51
7. Under the double eagle3:14
8. Amazing grace2:39
9. Prisoner's song3:40
10. Dixie2:07
11. Swanee River2:47
12. Uncloudy day3:20
13. Bill Bailey2:35
14. When they ring those golden bells2:31
15. Mama put my little shoes away3:08
16. Arkansas traveler2:07
17. Old rugged cross2:52
18. Cindy2:03
19. Old Dan Tucker2:12
20. Sweet hour of prayer2:37
21. Reuben1:59
22. Life's railway to Heaven3:04
23. Black Mountain rag2:56
24. I love to tell the story2:54
25. Faith of our fathers2:22