The King's Countrymen live

The King's Countrymen

Label:King's Countrymen KC 106
Release Date:2004
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Intro and Just any day
A-2. Nowhere to run
A-3. Just another hill
A-4. You're lost as a ball in high weeds
A-5. Long black train
A-6. Gospel train
A-7. Orange Blossom Special
A-8. They call it a church
A-9. Meeting in the air
A-10. Excuses
A-11. Send the light
A-12. Brighter mansion
A-13. Are you going to Heaven
A-14. Wings of angels
A-15. Message of peace
A-16. Mama's Bible
A-17. Just a little walk with Jesus
A-18. Heading for that city
B-1. When angels carry me home
B-2. Gloryland way
B-3. Life's railway to Heaven
B-4. Little country church
B-5. This world is not my home
B-6. My Lord is only a whisper away
B-7. Swing low, sweet chariot
B-8. Day break in glory
B-9. Take me in your lifeboat
B-10. Cowboy's dream
B-11. I saw the light
B-12. One hundred white horses
B-13. Keep on the sunny side
B-14. Brush arbors
B-15. I'm using my Bible for a roadmap
B-16. Just a closer walk with thee
B-17. Touch of the master's hand