The best of David Parmley & Continental Divide

David Parmley & Continental Divide

Label:Pinecastle PRC 4009
Release Date:2006
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B008IAIIHQ

Song Information:

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A-1. Wing and a prayerDavid Parmley 2:32
A-2. I wouldn't know where to startDavid Parmley 4:33
A-3. New highwayDavid Parmley 2:18
A-4. What will you do with this manDavid Parmley 3:58
A-5. New tin roofDavid Parmley 2:38
A-6. Fit for a kingDavid Parmley 3:37
A-7. Ride joy rideDavid Parmley 3:34
A-8. That ain't the grandpa that I knowDavid Parmley 4:09
A-9. Bad news for the bluesDavid Parmley 3:02
A-10. Feel good dayDavid Parmley 2:52
A-11. Cast the first stoneDavid Parmley 3:44
A-12. If a train left for MemphisDavid Parmley 2:49
A-13. I dreamed I drove the nailsDavid Parmley 2:55
B-1. There'll always be a rocking chairDavid Parmley 2:54
B-2. I never go around mirrorsDavid Parmley 4:04
B-3. Forty years agoDavid Parmley 2:20
B-4. I've heard the wind blowDavid Parmley 3:12
B-5. Don't give up on meDavid Parmley 3:57
B-6. Up and down the mountainDavid Parmley 2:34
B-7. Wake upDavid Parmley 5:09
B-8. Leave or stayDavid Parmley 2:53
B-9. The house by the cornfieldDavid Parmley 3:18
B-10. Pathway of timeDavid Parmley 3:09
B-11. My Saro JaneDavid Parmley 2:56