Memories of mother

Various artists

Label:Wango CD 107
Release Date:1997
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A vision of motherJames King
Talking to motherScott Brannon
Take a message to motherScott Brannon
The sweetest giftDavid Davis & Scott Brannon
Shake my mother's handWarrior River Boys
Shake hands with mother againStanley Brothers
Picture on the wallDon Reno & Charlie Moore
Only one step moreDavid Davis & Scott Brannon
No telephone in HeavenClyde Moody
The mother's watchRay Davis
Mother's not deadWarrior River Boys
Mother's footsteps guide me onJames King & Danny Paisley
Mother's BibleWarrior River Boys
Mother no longer awaits me at homePaisley Brothers
Mom's faded old sunbonnetDon Reno
Memories of motherJames King & Danny Paisley
If I could hear my mother pray againStanley Brothers
I heard my mother call my name in prayerJames King & Danny Paisley
Hold fast to the rightStanley Brothers
The evening trainPaisley Brothers
Dreaming of a little cabinDon Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cut-Ups
A beautiful pictureDavid Davis & Scott Brannon
The baggage coach aheadBill Harrell
Always be kind to your motherScott Brannon