Double banjo bluegrass spectacular

Tony Trischka

Label:Rounder 0548
Release Date:2007-01-23
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2007-05
County Sales:#284 ID: 5452923
    Amazon ASIN: B000KG4BOK

Song Information:

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1. Farewell blues4:00
2. Bon aqua blues3:00
3. Fox on the run2:46
Vocals:Dudley Connell-V
4. Twilight kingdom8:34
5. Run mountain2:59
Vocals:Chris Thile-V; Michael Davis-V
6. Escher's waltz3:36
7. Doggy salt2:41
8. The crow3:22
9. Ivory toad of Catalan4:58
10. Arcadia4:16
11. Old cane pole4:52
12. Live and let live3:09
Vocals:Dudley Connell-V
13. Armando's children5:46
14. Plunkin' rag3:15