Hee Haw Gospel Quartet 2nd edition

Hee Haw Gospel Quartet

Label:HH 19842
Release Date:1984
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. When I take my vacation in heaven03:18
A-2. Won't it be wonderful there02:00
A-3. Jesus hold my hand02:41
A-4. The old account was settled long ago02:15
A-5. I know my mother's mansion is higher than mine01:52
A-6. Camping in Canaan's land02:22
B-1. Shall we gather at the river02:19
B-2. When Jesus beckons me home02:41
B-3. Closer to God than ever before02:03
B-4. Gathering flowers for the Master's bouguet01:59
B-5. Dust on the Bible02:15
B-6. Just over in the glory land02:30