Going back to Dixie

Bill Clifton & the Dixie Mountain Boys

Label:Bear Family 15000-2
Release Date:1975
BG Unlimited:1976-04

Song Information:

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A-1. Going back to Dixie
A-2. Your mother still prays for you, Jack
A-3. Moonshiner
A-4. Just a smile
A-5. Lonely little cabin
A-6. Dream of the miner's child
A-7. Groundhog hunt
A-8. Engine Twenty-Three
A-9. Jim Hatfield's son
B-1. Saturday night
B-2. Lonesome for you
B-3. Lazy courtship
B-4. Across the shining river
B-5. Roll the cotton down
B-6. Take me back
B-7. Lonesome field
B-8. Little green valley
B-9. When I lay my burdens down
C-1. At my window
C-2. Gonna lay down my old guitar
C-3. Where the willow gently sways
C-4. When I'm with you
C-5. Lamp in the window
C-6. Louis Collins
C-7. I'll be satisfied
C-8. Old Ruben
C-9. My Cindy girl
D-1. Dixie ramble
D-2. Big Bill
D-3. Bringing Mary home
D-4. Mother where is you daughter tonight
D-5. Prisoner's dream
D-6. Sweet Fern
D-7. Forsaken love
D-8. Sales tax on the women