My last days on Earth : bluegrass, 1981-1984

Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys

Label:Bear Family BCD 16637
Release Date:2007
BG Unlimited:2007-06
County Sales:#285
   Amazon ASIN: B000L43NB8

Song Information:

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A-1. Old Ebenezer Scrooge
A-2. Go hither to go yonder
A-3. Right, right on
A-4. Lochwood
A-5. Old danger field
A-6. Fair play
A-7. Melissa's waltz for J.B.
A-8. Lady of the blue ridge
A-9. My last days on Earth
A-10. Evening prayer blues
A-11. Precious memories
A-12. Little shepherd
A-13. The old crossroads
A-14. Wayfaring stranger
A-15. In the Gloryland ways
A-16. What a friend we have in Jesus
A-17. Shouting on the hills of Glory
A-18. Baptize me in the Cumberland River
A-19. Wicked path of sin
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-20. I'll fly away
B-1. My Louisiana love
B-2. Is the blue moon still shining
B-3. My sweet blue-eyed darlin'
B-4. Old riverman
B-5. With body and soul
Composer:Virginia Stauffer
B-6. I still miss someone
B-7. Blue moon of Kentucky
B-8. The sunset trail
B-9. Kentucky waltz
B-10. My rose of old Kentucky
B-11. I hear a sweet voice calling
B-12. True life blues
Composer:Bill Monroe
B-13. Lord, protect my soul
B-14. Travelin' this lonesome road
Composer:Bill Monroe
B-15. I'm on my way back to the old home
B-16. Mighty dark to travel
B-17. Remember the cross
B-18. Let the gates swing wide
B-19. Can't you hear me callin'
B-20. The golden west
B-21. Old Brown County barn
B-22. I'm going back to old Kentucky
B-23. Bluest man in town
C-1. Dancin' in Brancin'
C-2. Jekyll Island
C-3. Stay away from me
C-4. Music Valley waltz
C-5. Angels rock me to sleep
C-6. The long bow
C-7. God hold the future in His hands
C-8. The old crossroads
C-9. Southern flavour
C-10. Stone coal
C-11. Texas lone star
C-12. Sugar Loaf Mountain
C-13. The days gone by
C-14. White rose3:15
Composer:Carl Butler
Place:Sound Stage Studio, Nashville, TN
C-15. Life's highway
C-16. Give me wings
C-17. What a wonderful life
Composer:Raymond Huffmaster
C-18. Take courage un' tomorrow
D-1. Molly and Tenbrooks
D-2. Footprints in the snow
D-3. Sittin' alone in the moonlight
D-4. Precious memories
D-5. Rawhide
D-6. My sweet darlin'
D-7. In the pines
D-8. Love, please come home
D-9. Pike County breakdown
D-10. I'm working on a building
D-11. Watermelon hanging on the vine
D-12. Just a little talk with Jesus
D-13. Harbor of love
D-14. Are you lost in sin?
D-15. He'll take you in
D-16. Just over in the Glory land
D-17. Baptize me in the Cumberland River
D-18. You're drifting away
D-19. This world is not my home
D-20. Cryin' holy unto the Lord
D-21. Shine hallelujah shine
D-22. Boston boy
D-23. Southern flavor
D-24. Never leave the E-string
D-25. Tennessee blues
D-26. I'd love to be over yonder
D-27. Rawhide
D-28. Sally Goodin