Future on ice

Dark Hollow Bluegrass Band

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2006
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-05

Song Information:

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18. Waltz of the angels
Composer:D. Reynolds-J. Rhodes
17. Future on ice
Composer:Jerry Crutchfield-Edria Humphrey
16. Lonesome river
Composer:Carter & Ralph Stanley
15. Whiskey and women
Composer:Junior Sisk-Tim Massey
14. Rabbit in the log
13. Good man like me
Composer:Del McCoury
12. Twenty-two years
Composer:Larry & John Gillis
11. This weary heart you stole away
Composer:Carter & Ralph Stanley
10. Sin city
Composer:Gram Parsons-Chris Hillman
9. Shelly's winter love
Composer:Merle Haggard
8. Tear drops and smiles
Composer:Bob Cook
7. Finger poppin' time
Composer:Hank Ballard
6. Living like a fool
Composer:Jerry Crutchfield-Buckley Maxwell
5. Thirty-two acres
Composer:Randall Hylton
4. Lonesome tonight
3. Talk of the town
2. Girl at the cross road bar
Composer:Bill Bryson-Larry Sparks
1. Midnight train
Composer:Carter & Ralph Stanley