On Susan's floor

Mac Wiseman

Label:Bear Family BCD 16736
Release Date:2006-11-13
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-01
County Sales:#286
   Discogs.com ID: 9532978
   Amazon ASIN: B000ICL3G0

Song Information:

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A-1. Maple sugar sweetheart
A-2. Bringing Mary home
A-3. Legend of the Irish rebel
A-4. Ghost of Bras D'Or
A-5. Prince Edward Island is Heaven to me
A-6. What a waste of good cornlikker
A-7. My Nova Scotia home
A-8. When its apple blossom time in Annapolis
A-9. My Molly Bawn
A-10. Atlantic lullaby
A-11. My Cape Breton home
A-12. Pistol packin' preacher
A-13. Wreck of the Old 97
A-14. Little Mohee
A-15. Corinna, Corrina
A-16. Sittin' on top of the world
A-17. How many biscuits can you eat
A-18. Ring those golden bells
A-19. I saw your face in the moon
A-20. I'll be all smiles tonight
A-21. Waltz you saved for me
A-22. Just over in the Glory Land
A-23. My grandfather's clock
A-24. Little Blossom
A-25. There's more pretty girls than one
A-26. Rovin' gambler
A-27. Sourwood Mountain
A-28. Midnight Special
A-29. Mary of the wildmoor
A-30. Black sheep
A-31. Bringing in the Georgia mail
A-32. Turkey in the straw
B-1. We live in two different worlds
B-2. Tragic romance
B-3. I'll be all smiles tonight
B-4. This is where I came in
B-5. You're the best of all the leading brands
B-6. Don't make me got to bed and I'll be good
B-7. Bluebirds are singing for me
B-8. New black suit
B-9. How lonely can you get
B-10. Since the day you went away
B-11. Darling little Joe
B-12. Million, million girls
B-13. Letter that never came
B-14. Wreck of the C&O #5
B-15. Black sheep
B-16. Legend of the haunted woods
B-17. Put my little shoes away
B-18. Letter edged in black
B-19. Ballad of the Lawson Family
B-20. East bound train
B-21. My mother's old sunbonnet
B-22. May I sleep in your barn tonight mister
B-23. Molly Bawn
B-24. White silver sands
B-25. When it's springtime in the Rockies
B-26. Little bird
B-27. You're the only star in my blue Heaven
C-1. Maiden's prayer
C-2. Just a baby's prayer at twilight
C-3. At the rainbow's end
C-4. Lonely city park
C-5. This is where I came in
C-6. Me and my memory
C-7. Isle of Capri
C-8. Forever and ever
C-9. Got leavin' on her mind
C-10. She simply left
C-11. Things you have turned to
C-12. Johnny's cash and Charley's pride
C-13. Mama, put your little shoes away
C-14. Crystal chandelier
C-15. All I have to offer you (is me)
C-16. Wrinkled, crinkled, wadded dollar bill
C-17. Ring of fire
C-18. Me and Bobby McGee
C-19. Ballad of a teenage queen
C-20. Guess things happen that way
C-21. Day the world stood still
C-22. Easy part's over
C-23. Big river
C-24. Little folks
C-25. Sweet sadness
C-26. I'll still write your name in the sand
C-27. I'd rather live by the side of the road
C-28. Sing little birdie
C-29. Colours
D-1. Song of the wildwood
D-2. At the crossroad
D-3. Let time be your friend
D-4. On Susan's floor
D-5. Let's all go down to the river
D-6. Sunny side of the mountain
D-7. Eight more miles to Louisville
D-8. Keep on the sunny side
D-9. Will the circle be unbroken
D-10. Tragic romance
D-11. It rains just the same in Missouri
D-12. City of New Orleans
D-13. Catfish John
D-14. You can't go in the red playin' bluegrass
D-15. It comes and goes
D-16. Dixie hummer
D-17. I've got to catch that train
D-18. Never going back again
D-19. Goodbye Mexico Rose
D-20. Dancing bear
D-21. Scotch and soda
D-22. Me and the boys
D-23. Two hundred dollars
D-24. 45s - 8x10s
D-25. Blue Heaven
D-26. If I could be with you (it must be true)