The early years, 1958-1961

Jimmy Williams & Red Ellis

Label:Upper Room Recording No #
Release Date:2005
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. We're gonna have a time2:03
2. These men of God2:19
3. There's a higher power2:25
4. I heard the cry3:01
5. You can't hide from God1:57
6. All your love2:27
7. Down at the cross3:19
8. Backslider3:52
9. Going to meet Jesus2:13
10. Plan of salvation2:13
11. Sorry, I never knew you3:19
12. I tell my feet1:45
13. Have I done my best2:07
14. Child of God2:35
15. Old fashioned church1:51
16. So high1:35
17. Everybody ought to know2:06
18. When the train comes1:41
19. There ain't no grave4:00
20. East bound train2:17
21. Heroes death3:07