Walking in my sleep

Bill Clifton & the Dixie Mountain Boys

Label:King GXF 6012

Song Information:

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A-1. Walkin' in my sleep2:10
A-2. Mary dear2:58
A-3. The girl I left in sunny Tennessee2:51
A-4. Dixie Mountain Express1:45
A-5. Pal of yesterday2:36
A-6. I'm rollin' on1:46
A-7. Living the right life2:11
B-1. Wake up Susan2:25
B-2. All the good times are passed and gone2:35
B-3. Are you alone2:41
B-4. Blue Ridge Mountain blues2:25
B-5. Dixie darling2:20
B-6. Corey2:26
B-7. You go to your church2:34