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Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 314
Release Date:2006-11-07
Country:United States
Barcode:732351031425 ID: 5231753
   Amazon ASIN: B000JBXOMG
   Google Play: B2begojkopq5uex26jusvmfz4ye

Song Information:

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1. Roll on buddy1:33
2. Rock about my Saro Jane1:13
3. The old gospel ship1:21
4. Little glass of wine2:07
5. Katy Hill1:11
6. Oh! Monah1:48
7. Take this hammer1:53
8. Take me in your lifeboat2:00
9. Shady grove1:13
10. It's raining here this morning1:35
11. Short side of trouble2:26
12. Somebody touched me2:33
13. Darlin' Corey1:14
14. Dear old Dixie1:20
15. Wreck of old no. 92:36
16. When our Lord shall come again1:33
17. Ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone1:40
18. Banks of the Ohio2:18
19. Coney Isle1:10
20. Working on a building1:57
21. Little birdie1:48
22. In the pines2:28
23. 900 miles1:30
24. I'll be no stranger there1:35
25. Salt Creek1:18