Sunday morning singin' : 30 bluegrass gospel favorites

Various artists

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 316
Release Date:2007-02-20
Country:United States

Song Information:

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30. Keep on the sunny sideMac Wiseman
29. The old rugged crossRusty York
28. Way down deep in my soulMarksmen
27. Heavenly cannonballLee Moore
26. When the angels carry me homeRed White & the Dixie Blue Grass Band
25. Diamond in the roughHylo Brown & his Timberliners
24. Thirty pieces of silverRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
23. I found the wayJ. D. Jarvis
22. Take me in the lifeboatRusty York
21. Let the church roll onRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
20. Each ring of the hammerMac Wiseman
19. If I could hear my mother pray againHylo Brown & his Timberliners
18. I have someone with meMarksmen
17. Crying holy onto the LordRed White & the Dixie Blue Grass Band
16. I live onMac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
15. Pass me notLillimae & the Dixie Gospelaires
14. When God dips His loveMac Wiseman
13. A beautiful lifeRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
12. An old account settledMarksmen
11. Paul and SilasHylo Brown & his Timberliners
10. Whispering hopeMac Wiseman
9. The pale horse and his his riderRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
8. Take you shoes off MosesJ. D. Jarvis
7. I like to hear them preach itRed White & the Dixie Blue Grass Band
6. Walking in JerusalemHylo Brown & his Timberliners
5. City on the hillRusty York
4. Mother's mansion is higher than mineMac Wiseman
3. Gloryland wayLillimae & the Dixie Gospelaires
2. No hidin' place down hereHylo Brown & his Timberliners
1. Living the right life nowRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups