Post war country classics, 1946-1950

Charlie Monroe

Label:Cattle CCD 301
Release Date:2006-06-12
County Sales:#283

Song Information:

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24. I'm gonna sing, sing, sing
23. 'Neath a cold grey tomb of stone
22. You'll find me there
21. You'd better be somewhere praying
20. Sugar cane mama
19. Springtime in glory
18. Gonna shake hands with mother over there
17. Valley of peace
16. Our mansion is ready
15. Red rocking chair
14. They didn't believe it was true
13. Walking with you in my dreams
12. I know you'll understand
11. Sweetheart I love you best
10. End of memory lane
9. I see a bright light shining
8. Grave at the foot of the mountain
7. Don't forget to pray
6. Campin' in Canaan's land
5. If we never meet again
4. When the angels carry me home
3. Bringing in the Georgia mail
2. Mother's not dead she's only sleeping
1. There's no depression in Heaven