A hundred miles or more : a collection

Alison Krauss

Label:Rounder CD 0555
Release Date:2007-04-03
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2007-09
County Sales:#285

Song Information:

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16. Lay down beside me
Vocals:John Waite-V; A. Krauss-V
15. Missing you
Vocals:John Waite-V; A. Krauss-V
14. Get me through December
Vocals:A. Krauss-V; Natalie McMaster-V
13. I give you to his heart
Composer:Ron Block; Moonlight Canyon
Instruments:Alison Krauss-viola; Ron Block-lead g/rhythm g; Bill Piburn-classical g; Jerry Douglas-db; Barry Bales-sb; Kenny Malone-percussion
Vocals:Alison Krauss-L; Ron Block-LT; Dan Tyminski-B
12. You will be my ain true love
Vocals:A. Krauss-V; Sting-V
11. Whiskey lullaby
Vocals:A. Krauss-V; Brad Paisley-V
10. The scarlet tide
9. How's the world treating you
Vocals:Alison Krauss-V; James Taylor-V
8. Molly Ban
7. Baby mine
6. Down to the river to pray
5. Sawing on the strings
4. Away down the river
3. Jacob's dream
2. Simple love
1. You're just a country boy