Standard songs for average people

John Prine & Mac Wiseman

Label:Oh Boy OBR 038
Release Date:2007
Country:United States
County Sales:#286 ID: 3633397

Song Information:

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1. Blue eyed Elaine2:32
2. Don't be ashamed of your age2:23
3. I forgot to remember to forget2:59
4. I love you because4:20
5. Pistol packin' mama2:43
6. Saginaw, Michigan2:53
7. Old dogs, children and watermelon wine4:33
8. Old Cape Cod2:23
9. Death of Floyd Collins3:22
10. The blue side of lonesome4:08
11. In the garden3:07
12. The other side of nowhere2:32
13. Old rugged cross3:31
14. Where the blue of the night2:57