30th anniversary special

Dry Branch Fire Squad

Label:Rounder 0585
Release Date:2007-05-15
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2007-07
County Sales:#288

Song Information:

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21. How great thou art
20. We believe in happy endings
19. Dip your fingers in some water
18. While roving on last winter's night
17. The orphan train
16. When I went down in the valley to pray
15. Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn
14. Golden ring
13. Hide you in the blood
12. Oak Grove Church
11. Long journey
10. The honest farmer
9. Do you ever dream of me?
8. Over in the glory land
7. A distant land to roam
6. He's coming to us dead
5. Church by the road
4. Rollin' on rubber wheels
3. I saw a man at the close of the day
2. Devil, take the farmer
1. I've lived a lot in my time