Bluegrass : an American tradition

Various artists

Label:Pinecastle PRC 4010
Release Date:2007
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2007-09
   Amazon ASIN: B000Q66HXC

Song Information:

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1. Foggy Mountain breakdown2:54
2. Bluegrass expressBobby Osborne & Jesse McReynolds 3:27
3. San Antonio roseEddie Adcock 3:03
4. Crazy bluesEddie Adcock & Mac Wiseman 3:01
5. We'll meet again sweetheartBill Emerson with Tony Rice 3:16
6. It takes one to know oneBill Emerson with Jimmy Martin 4:17
7. Over the mountainJohn Hartford 3:53
8. RubyThe Osborne Brothers 3:34
Recording Date:1998
Composer:Cousin Emmy
Place:Hilltop Studios, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Sonny Osborne-bj/gitjo; Bobby Osborne-m; Terry Eldredge-g; David Crow-f; Glen Duncan-f; Gene Wooten-db; Terry Smith-bs
Vocals:B. Osborne-V; S. Osborne-V; T. Eldredge-V
9. Cotton eyed JoeChubby Wise 2:30
10. Wayfaring strangerEddie Adcock 3:05
11. Pallet on the floorEddie Adcock with Jim & Jesse 2:26
12. Dark as a dungeonCharlie Waller 3:35
13. I don't know whyBill Emerson with Red Allen 2:39
Recording Date:1991
Place:Webco Studio, Gaithersburg, MD
Instruments:Bill Emerson-bj; Red Allen-g; Audie Blaylock-m; Jimmy Gaudreau-m; Warren Blair-f; Rickie Simpkins-f; Fred Travers-db; Ronnie Simpkins-sb
Vocals:R. Allen-L