The best of the Primitive Quartet. Vol. 2

The Primitive Quartet

Label:Mountain Heritage MHR 3075
Release Date:2007
Country:United States
County Sales:#288

Song Information:

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1. Blessings of a friend
2. Safely home
3. Letter from home
4. Lord lead me on
5. He's still passing by
6. Family on both sides
7. I'm changing houses
8. You've been an inspiration
9. Love came down
10. We've been so blessed
11. Far side banks of Jordan
12. A bright home
13. Reunion in Heaven
14. If I could telephone Heaven
15. God can't see through the blood
16. God's only son
17. It's Him
18. Only gone from our sight
19. Walking in the highway
20. I can't, but God can
21. Hallelujah, He's risen
22. Where the roses never fade
23. No longer an orphan