Stellar jays

John Reischman & the Jaybirds

Label:Corvus CR015
Release Date:2007-06-12
BG Unlimited:2007-09
County Sales:#288

Song Information:

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1. The jaybird song3:14
2. Her bright smile haunts me still4:35
3. A dime in my pocket3:16
4. The drunken's lantern3:35
5. Cleo Belle3:21
6. What are they doing in Heaven today?4:21
7. The house carpenter5:49
8. Deception Falls3:53
9. I am the man, Thomas3:39
10. Bash Bish Falls2:07
11. On my way to you4:48
12. Something I don't want to know4:23
13. Fire on the mountain3:19
14. Mississippi hoedown2:58