Big midnight special

Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper

Label:Bear Family BCD 16751 DK
Release Date:2007
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2007-09
County Sales:#286
   Amazon ASINB000N4SHS0

Song Information:

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A-1. The little rosewood casket
A-2. What will I do
A-3. Two little orphans
A-4. Wicked path of sin
A-5. This world can't stand long
A-6. Tramp on the street
A-7. Matthew twenty-four
A-8. My dreamboat is drifting
A-9. Girl in the blue velvet band
A-10. What good will it do
A-11. Blue mountain girl
A-12. I love no one but you
A-13. Willy Roy (the crippled boy)
A-14. Thirty pieces of silver
A-15. What's the matter with this world
A-16. Moonlight on West Virginia
A-17. No one now
A-18. He will save your soul (from the burning fire)
A-19. I dreamed about mom last night
A-20. On the banks of the river
A-21. I ain't gonna work tomorrow
A-22. The white rose
A-23. The legend of the dogwood tree
A-24. The message came special
A-25. Faded love
A-26. The Golden Rocket
A-27. Mother's prayer
A-28. The ghost train
B-1. I'm taking my audition (to sing up in the sky)
B-2. Walking my Lord up Calvary Hill
B-3. All on account of you
B-4. Stoney (are you mad at your gal)
B-5. The West Virginia polka
B-6. Sunny side of the mountain
B-7. You tried to ruin my nam
B-8. Have mercy on me
B-9. I cried again
B-10. The Clinch Mountain waltz
B-11. My Lord's gonna shake my hand
B-12. Will the Lord let you in
B-13. Idle gossip, idle words
B-14. Don't play that song (on the juke box tonight)
B-15. What can I say
B-16. You belong to somebody else
B-17. Are you walking and a-talking for the Lord
B-18. You can't take it with you (when you go)
B-19. You can't feel the way I do
B-20. Brand new baby
B-21. Bamboozled
B-22. Can you forget
B-23. Each season changes you
B-24. Just for a while
B-25. How it hurts to cry alone
B-26. Please help me to be wrong
B-27. We make a lovely couple (you and I)
B-28. Not anymore
B-29. Far beyond the starry sky
B-30. I dreamed of a hillbilly Heaven
B-31. The West Virginia polka
C-1. I want to be loved
C-2. This crazy, crazy world
C-3. Row number two, seat number three
C-4. I've been cheated too
C-5. It's just as well
C-6. I'm not the girl
C-7. This thing called man
C-8. Loving you
C-9. X marks the spot
C-10. The tramp on the street
C-11. My heart keeps crying
C-12. He taught them how
C-13. Diamond Joe
C-14. I tell my heart
C-15. Come walk with me
C-16. Is it right
C-17. Big midnight special
C-18. Walking my Lord up Calvary Hill
C-19. The Canadian reel
C-20. Home sweet home
C-21. Heartbreak street
C-22. There's a big wheel
C-23. Rachel's guitar
C-24. Night after night
C-25. Johnny, my love (Grandma's diary)
C-26. More love
C-27. This old house
C-28. Train, you took my baby
C-29. Heartaches don't lie
C-30. I gotta laugh (to keep from crying)
C-31. Wreck on the highway
C-32. Trouble ahead
C-33. The mighty battle cry
D-1. Doin' my time
D-2. Have faith in me
D-3. Matthew twenty four
D-4. Six more miles
D-5. Teardrops falling in the snow
D-6. I'm reading your letter again
D-7. When God comes and gathers his jewels
D-8. Singing waterfall
D-9. Thirty pieces of silver
D-10. At the first fall of snow
D-11. Philadelphia lawyer
D-12. On the evening train
D-13. Help me understand
D-14. The legend of the dogwood tree
D-15. Every hour and every day
D-16. Satisfied
D-17. There's a higher power
D-18. Keep your eyes on Jesus
D-19. Family Bible
D-20. The black sheep returned to the fold
D-21. The way worn traveler
D-22. Glory land march
D-23. Wandering soul
D-24. This world can't stand long
D-25. When my time comes to go
D-26. The story of the three nails
D-27. I couldn't care less
D-28. Big John's wife
D-29. This train
D-30. Pirate king