Live at Hominy Valley II ; Acapella by request

The Primitive Quartet

Label:Dawn 3052
Release Date:2000
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. I'd rather have Jesus
2. Longing to see you Jesus
3. Something to shout about
4. I'll never walk in the valley again
5. In the sweet by and by
6. Curtain of love
7. I'll be waiting at the river for you
8. The flowers we love
9. When the sun of life goes down
10. In God after a while
11. Farther on
12. When we meet to part no more
13. Where no cabins fall
14. Does Jesus care
15. Something in the love of God
16. Steal away and pray
17. Jesus paid it all
18. I got a longing to go home
19. He whispers sweet peace to me