The definitive collection, 1947-1966

Stanley Brothers

Label:Time-Life TL 19303 CD
Release Date:2007
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2007-07
County Sales:#285

Song Information:

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C-20. Single girl
C-19. Dust on the Bible
C-18. Where the soul never dies
C-17. Will you miss me
C-16. Pig in a pen
C-15. Pretty Polly
C-14. East Virginia blues
C-13. Hide ye in the blood
C-12. Tell me why my daddy don't come home
C-11. Sugar coated love
C-10. Nobody's business
C-9. Meet me tonight
C-8. Black Mountain blues
C-7. Roll in my sweet baby's arms
C-6. Will you be loving another man
C-5. Are you waiting just for me
C-4. Molly and Tenbrooks
C-3. The girl behind the bar
C-2. Mother no longer awaits me at home
C-1. Theme / Cotton-eyed Joe
B-20. Soldier's joy
B-19. O death
B-18. Beautiful star of Bethlehem
B-17. Stone walls and steel bars
B-16. Don't cheat in our home town
B-15. Lonesome night
B-14. Little birdie
B-13. Who will sing for me
B-12. Let me rest
B-11. God gave you to me
B-10. Little Maggie
B-9. Jacob's vision
B-8. Rank stranger
B-7. Man of constant sorrow
B-6. Ridin' that midnight train
B-5. Train 45
B-4. How far to Little Rock
B-3. Think of what you've done
B-2. How mountain girls can love
B-1. Gonna paint the town
A-20. The cry from the cross
A-19. Who will call you sweetheart
A-18. Angel band
A-17. Nobody's love is like mine
A-16. Orange Blossom Special
A-15. If that's the way you feel
A-14. Hard times
A-13. Blue moon of Kentucky
A-12. I just got wise
A-11. A voice from on high
A-10. Say won't you be mine
A-9. Our last goodbye
A-8. This weary heart you stole away (wake up, sweethea
A-7. I'm lonesome without you
A-6. Get down on your knees and pray
A-5. The lonesome river
A-4. The fields have turned brown
A-3. The white dove
A-2. The old home
A-1. Little glass of wine