Best of the Sugar Hill years

Doyle Lawson

Label:Sugar Hill SUG-CD 4027
Release Date:2007
Country:United States
County Sales:#289 ID: 11106001
   Google Play: Bmqp2tocin4ltj5cwjxs73gpbvu

Song Information:

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1. He put a rainbow in the clouds for me2:32
2. On the sea of life2:05
3. Calm the storm1:45
4. Gone away3:22
5. When the sun of my life goes down2:03
6. When life is over3:27
7. A vision of Jesus2:53
8. Climbing up the mountain1:47
9. Paradise is waiting2:54
10. Let us travel on2:51
11. Little mountain church house2:45
12. Move to the top of the mountain2:10
13. There's a light guiding me4:12
14. I have found the way2:41
15. Peace like a river3:55
16. Up above the world so high2:48
17. I'll keep on sailing2:33
18. My heavenly home3:25