Best of the Sugar Hill years

The Lonesome River Band

Label:Sugar Hill SUG-CD 4033
Release Date:2007-07-10
Country:United States
County Sales:#289
   Amazon ASIN: B000Q9OD44

Song Information:

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1. Highway paved with pain2:56
2. Old country town3:10
3. Solid rock2:47
4. Who needs you3:28
5. When you go out walking3:30
6. Flat broke and lonesome2:42
7. Carolyn the teenage queen3:24
8. Katy Daley2:21
9. Sweet Sally Brown2:53
10. Perfume, powder and lead3:51
11. Baby come home2:38
12. Am I a fool2:34
13. Are you ashamed to call me darlin'?2:47
14. Mary Ann3:40
15. Harvest time2:11
16. Swing that hammer3:08