Best of the Sugar Hill years

The Nashville Bluegrass Band

Label:Sugar Hill SUG-CD 4036
Release Date:2007
Country:United States
County Sales:#291 ID: 12532261
   Amazon ASIN: B000Q9OD3A
   Google Play: Bevkabujbwck257hedgwhiitd4u

Song Information:

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1. Rocky Bottom blues2:54
2. The boys are back in town2:15
3. Don't let our love die3:06
4. Biggest liars in town2:36
5. The fool2:30
6. Blue train2:49
7. Waitin' for the hard times to go3:15
8. When I get where I'm goin'2:52
9. Backtrackin'2:58
10. Tear my stillhouse down2:32
11. Red clay halo2:31
12. Blue Cadillac3:15
13. Fiddlin' Bill2:51
14. Travelin' railroad train blues3:08
15. There's a better way3:11
16. Rockin' chair money2:18