Best of the Sugar Hill years

Peter Rowan

Label:Sugar Hill SUG-CD 4035
Release Date:2007
Country:United States
County Sales:#290 ID: 15228039
   Amazon ASIN: B000Q9OD3K
   Google Play: B5nua4pwukw6p3uj7z6ec7ppekm

Song Information:

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1. That high lonesome soundPeter Rowan & the Nashville Bluegrass Band 3:11
2. A jealous heart and a worried mind3:01
3. Walls of time4:34
4. Dust bowl children3:51
5. Girl in the blue velvet band3:48
6. All on a rising day3:49
7. Hiroshima mon amour3:42
8. Rainmaker4:27
9. The first whippoorwill4:20
10. You taught me how to lose2:33
11. Memories of youPeter Rowan & the Nashville Bluegrass Band 3:14
12. Last train3:36
13. Howlin' at the moon3:33
14. Wild geese cry again3:55
15. Meadow greenPeter Rowan & the Nashville Bluegrass Band 6:22