Jesus has called me

Lillimae & the Dixie Gospelaires

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 238
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. I found the man
A-2. Jesus has called me
A-3. Looking thru the window of Heaven
A-4. Do Lord
A-5. How I long to see the old folks
A-6. My life's own
A-7. Jordan
A-8. Teardrops falling in the snow
A-9. Can I return
B-1. His light is shining down on me
B-2. Another hill
B-3. Gloryland way
B-4. Pass me not
B-5. I like to hear them preach it
B-6. God's presence
B-7. Gloryland march
B-8. I'm going to make Heaven my home
B-9. Jesus hold my hand