Pocket full of keys

Dale Ann Bradley

Label:Pinecastle PRC 1196
Release Date:2015-06-09
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2015-08
County Sales:#336
   Amazon ASIN: B00WJDPSV2

Song Information:

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1. The strangers3:52
2. Til I hear it from you3:32
3. Pocket full of keys4:41
4. Ain't it funny2:46
5. Rachel pack your Sunday clothes5:07
6. Hard lesson road3:33
7. Talking to the moon2:59
8. Sweet hour of prayer4:39
9. Soldiers, lovers and dreamers5:07
10. Sweetheart of the pines3:39
11. I'm so afraid of losing you again4:05
12. I'll live on somewhere2:46