Time after time

Lilly of the West

Label:Music Author MK 52003
Release Date:2007-06
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-05

Song Information:

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1. Once in a very blue moon2:46
Composer:P. Alger-E. Levine
2. The end of the world2:24
Composer:S. Davis
3. Summer fly2:39
Composer:C. Wheeler
4. Rough ride2:26
Composer:J. McCarthy
5. A walk in the Irish rain2:49
6. The water is wide3:28
7. Time after time3:20
Composer:C. Lauper-R. Andrew
8. All I have to do is dream2:37
Composer:F. & B. Bryant
9. Leaving on a jet plane3:43
Composer:J. Denver
10. Canada geese4:39
Composer:M. Williams
11. Oblache le bialo1:59