The bluegrass tribute to Modest Mouse : something you've never heard before

CMH Studio Band

Label:CMH CD 9444
Release Date:2007-01-09
Country:United States
   Discogs ID3981161
   Amazon ASINB000KP632O

Song Information:

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1. Ocean breathes salty4:18
2. 3rd planet4:25
3. Polar opposites3:27
4. Float on4:13
5. Gravity rides everything4:45
6. A different city3:19
7. Dark center of the universe3:51
8. Interstate 84:14
9. World at large3:39
10. Trailer trash4:08
11. Satin in a coffin3:21
12. Dramamine4:30
13. Baby blue sedan4:08
14. Night on the sun4:40