The Jim & Jesse story

Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys

Label:CMH CD 9454
Release Date:2007-09-11
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-07
County Sales:#288

Song Information:

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28. Those brown eyes
27. Rider in the rain
26. Are you tired of me my darling?
25. Where do we go from here?
24. Swing low, sweet chariot
23. I want to be loved
22. Farewell blues
21. Gosh, I miss you all the time
20. The flame of love
19. I will always be waiting for you
18. Are you missing me?
17. Remember me (When the candlelights are gleaming)
16. Diesel on my tail
15. The girl I left behind me
14. Paradise
13. A memory of you
12. Great speckled bird
11. When it's time for the whippoorwill to sing
10. Somewhere down South
9. Let me whisper
8. Sleepy-eyed John
7. My little honeysuckle rose
6. Grave in the valley
5. Golden rocket
4. Just wondering why
3. Border ride
2. Drifting and dreaming of you
1. Midnight train