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Claire Lynch

Label:Rounder 0600
Release Date:2007-10-09
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2007-12
County Sales:#291

Song Information:

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1. Train long gone3:12
2. The day that Lester died2:46
3. Fallin' in love3:00
4. Hills of Alabam'3:17
5. If wishes were horses2:36
6. Your presence is my favorite gift2:27
7. Jealousy3:45
8. Silver and gold3:42
9. Sweetheart, darlin' of mine3:02
10. Kennesaw Line4:40
11. Thibodeux3:07
12. Wabash Cannonball8:02
13. He don't like to talk about it3:02
14. Friends for a lifetime (Song for Kegan)2:56