Hot bluegrass rhythm (plus rockabilly)

The McCormick Brothers

Label:Bronco Buster CD 9027
Country:Germany ID: 7791378

Song Information:

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A-1. Lonesome for you
A-2. Landslide special
A-3. Are you feeling blue
A-4. Runnin' round on me
A-5. Banjo twist
A-6. Big eyes
A-7. Before I met you
A-8. Banjo trot
A-9. Shuffle and deal
A-10. C.N.R. Special
B-1. Haskell's five string
B-2. Coffee, coffee, coffee
B-3. No substitute will do
B-4. Bugle call rag
B-5. The billy goat boogie
B-6. Darling, why can't you be true
B-7. The dobro twist
B-8. Red hen boogie
B-9. Blue blue mood
B-10. The Bluegrass Express