Bluegrass Roy's collection of mountain and home songs

Blue Grass Roy

Label:Old Homestead OHSC 106
Country:United States ID: 5759977

Song Information:

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A-1. Introduction, theme and sales pitch
A-2. The little shirt that mother made for me
A-3. Hobo Bill's last ride
A-4. Puttin' on the style
A-5. The royal telephone
A-6. I don't work for a living
A-7. She's a winkin' at me
A-8. Billy Richardson's last ride
B-1. O jailer, bring back that key
B-2. Wizard Oil ad
B-3. The dream of a miner's child
B-4. The Mississippi flood
B-5. Who broke the lock on the hen house door
B-6. In nineteen ninety two
B-7. I am my own grandpa