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Jussi Syren & the Groundbreakers

Label:Goofin GRCD 6145
Release Date:2007
BG Unlimited:2008-02

Song Information:

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15. Sawmill blues2:54
14. Down in the wasted valley3:15
13. Haulin' the logs2:58
12. Golden city3:35
11. Highways and gravel roads3:28
10. Sea of changes3:13
9. Factories and fields2:56
8. Jessica2:42
7. We could use a little rain2:36
6. Stranger in a strange land2:08
5. Midnight winds2:48
4. The verdict3:39
3. White water rag2:37
2. The legend of Larry Thorne3:27
1. Life of a steel driving man2:29