Behind bars

Roll's Boys

Label:Unknown ?
Release Date:2006
Country:Czech Republic

Song Information:

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14. White Freightliner blues
Composer:Towns Van Zandt
13. Stone walls and steel bars
Composer:Roy Marcum-Ray Pennington
12. Sledd riding
Composer:Dale Sledd-Sonny Osborne
11. On my mind
Composer:Tom James-Jerry Organ
10. Blue Kentucky mountains
Composer:Jim Laney
9. Love and wealth
Composer:Charlie & Ira Louvin
8. Mother how I miss you
Composer:Emma I. Smith
7. Magic nejig
Composer:Zdenek Roh
6. Sweet little miss blue eyes
Composer:Merle Taylor-Don Helms
5. This one's on me
Composer:Ralph Schutt
4. Eureka
Composer:Christopher Schut
3. Sweethearts in Heaven
Composer:Buck Owens
2. Fistful of dollars
Composer:Zdenek Roh
1. Rough edges
Composer:Randall Hylton