Footprints : A IIIrd Tyme Out collection

IIIrd Tyme Out

Label:Rounder 0602
Release Date:2008-01-08
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-01
County Sales:#290

Song Information:

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1. Footprints in the snow2:37
2. One kiss away from loneliness3:40
3. Lovin' you, goin' blind3:26
4. John and Mary2:53
5. Across the miles3:50
6. Raining in L.A.2:59
7. I pray my way out of trouble3:15
8. Milk cow blues4:12
9. Letter to home3:11
10. Swing low, sweet chariot3:10
11. Erase the miles5:40
12. Just call on Him2:06
13. New faces in the field4:14
14. Only you (and you alone)2:30
15. Giving my soul back to Him3:00